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Today, more than ever, securing information assets is paramount for an organization to remain competitive and successful. Even though this concern is great, there remains a shortage of independent thought-leaders and security advisors on which you can rely. Ten Zero Consulting recognizes that businesses need expert, independent advice to attain proper levels of security based exlusively on their best interest and business objectives.

Ten Zero Consulting has spent many years working with enterprises and government within the information security world. Collectively, Ten Zero Consulting experts have worked with world-class companies in various industries, architecting and implanting information security infrastructures around the clock and around the globe.

Increased cyber attacks and regulatory focus on information protection demands greater industry attention to information security programs. Ten Zero Consulting methodology provides, practical, real-world assessment of your program’s effectiveness.

Penetration Testing

Security Audits

Threat Risk Analysis

Regulatory Compliance

Security Awareness and Training

Architecture design and review

Vulnerability Testing

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning